As a Movement Director my main interests lie in devised work, with a particular emphasis on transformation, connectivity, expressive movement and metaphor.  Being of the belief that there is no movement without intention, my work seeks to marry the expressive with the narrative and looks towards maximising spontaneity and presence.  I frequently use a combination of Viewpoints and Game as a structure for my work and have a fascination with tempo and the actor in relation to space.  My praxis is concerned with both honouring the creative vision for the process, working towards giving the performer both agency and ownership.

My body of work - along with a fascination with process & craft - has greatly informed my praxis as a movement practitioner.  My main interest lies within physical staging, choral work, the role of ensemble, expressionism and expressive movement with particular emphasis on play, pure movement, game, impulse and intention. 


"Bold, beautiful and utterly absorbing theatre, finding the thrilling drama inherent in the human story. It takes your breath away." 

The Stage, on Secret Life Of Humans