As a Movement Director, I have a fascination with dynamic use of space, expressive movement and tempo.  My work centres around creating physical metaphor to deepen the narrative and the creative vision for the production.  As a deviser, collaborator and creative, I have worked with both classical and contemporary pre-existing text as well as completely devised productions and new writing.  I firmly believe that the inherent theatre of a production lies within the transitions.


I frequently offer movement support, finding a means whereby the performer can find maximum agency and ownership of their work.  This space allows for a concentrated eye on connectivity, spontaneity and transformation.  This work is often focussed on impulse and intention and manifests in gesture and physical metaphor.  My practice is greatly influenced by The Nine Viewpoints, which, along with game (and a healthy dose of play) strives to excavate the accidental and embrace possibility.


Recent credits as Movement Director include Left My Desk (Lost Watch Theatre Company, New Diorama Theatre), Secret Life Of Humans (New Diorama Theatre, UK and Off-Broadway), Down & Out In Paris And London (New Diorama Theatre) and Miss Julie (The Faction Theatre Company).

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