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Actor Trainer


Would you like a bespoke coaching service that will truly stretch you as an actor?  


My practice is playful, physical, and focused on your unique artistic voice and process.


Sometimes you need to undo what you know to grow.  Mess it all up, take a risk, be silly, push the boundaries, and just, let go. Through play - even through ridiculousness - I’ll help you do this.  I’ll help you unlock instinctive impulsiveness, adding spontaneity, vibrancy and a dash of danger to your performance. 


By rooting your actions in the moment, we'll work to deepen the complexity and nuance you bring to the role you inhabit. Whether your goals are to refine, experiment, or learn something new – I’ll tailor my coaching to your needs and your process to help you achieve them.

RDD Coaching sessions 

Using play, I’ll help you be bolder, and take more risks with your performance. I’ll help you deepen your performance and refine the transformative process, without erasing your unique style and strengths, or turning you into a boring clone.


Let’s loosen up your delivery by shaking it all out.  I use physical exploration to make your performance stand out.


Make the peanut crunchers sit up in their seats.  I’ll increase your ability to connect with the audience and empower you to be more dynamic than you ever thought you could be.


I personally believe playfulness is a discipline.   Through it, we find joy and release, unlocking possibility and surprise.  We also find spontaneity, leaving us prepared to take on any eventuality.


Do you have an upcoming Audition or Drama School application board to perform for? I’ll help you give a memorable performance that showcases what you are capable of. Nervous?  I’ll prep you and show you how to get into the right frame of mind to quash nerves.  Okay, well, most of them.  As for the ones that are left, I’ll make sure you are in control of them, rather than the other way around. Maybe you just want to flex your artistic capability or explore the performative side of creativity? We can do that too, whatever your goals, experience, or ability, I’ll customise our sessions to suit.


There are almost as many approaches to Acting as there are actors, so I won’t be teaching you a specific “method”.   Formality and rigidity are the absolute opposite of what I do.  Instead, I’ll give you the tools to grow and refine yourself as an actor, as I believe the key to improving as a performer, is to stay curious and always keep learning.  

“The body knows things about which the mind is ignorant”
Jacques Lecoq


A freelance Acting Coach and Actor Trainer, I run a busy, often hectic, Private Practice in London.  My students are diverse, as I coach both professional actors, and actors who are still finding their feet.


Play within Actor Training is a speciality of mine.  I focus on primary training, and informed queer pedagogy, which challenges compulsory structures and rigid thinking.  I use this to help students take greater risks and dance with possibility. I am here to help you stretch yourself and push the boundaries of what you can achieve.


I graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts with a First-Class Honours Degree in Acting and a Diploma in Professional Acting.  I also hold a Masters in Actor Training and Coaching (Distinction), from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


I’ve worked as a Visiting Professional at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (BA Acting, CDT), and have taught acting at LAMDA (BA and MA/MFA Acting), East 15 (BA Acting and Community Theatre).  Some of my other previous “roles” have included Associate Lecturer at St Mary's University, Twickenham, and Visiting Lecturer at Brunel University.


Ideal if you need to prepare for an upcoming audition, want to learn new skills, or if you’re just a bit rusty.  My One-To-One sessions are all about you; tell me your goals and I’ll tailor my coaching to achieve them.  No two Actors are the same, so don’t worry, I won’t try to mould you into anything you’re not.


Instead, these sessions are designed to unlock your unique strengths, so you give an outstanding, multi-layered performance.  Using a playful, physical approach, I’ll help you loosen up and explore sides of yourself you never realised you had.


Perhaps you need a workshop to help you focus on a specific part of your training, to supplement rehearsals, or for an event?


The good news is, I regularly hold a variety of workshops, so there’s guaranteed to be something coming up for you.  Join my mailing list to hear about upcoming events or send me a message to ask about bespoke workshops that fits your needs.


Previous workshops have centred around Play, Connectivity, Transformation, Ensemble, Gesture, Tempo, and Space. Get in touch to find out more.


The popularity of Self-tape auditions is increasing and turnaround times are shrinking, so you need yours to grab their attention.  My bespoke Online Coaching sessions give you instant access to professional tuition that will maximise your chances of getting that job. You can also use these sessions to get professional preparation for any role, wherever you are, and whatever your situation. 


No matter what your aims, I’ll prep you to ensure you perform at your best.  Online coaching sessions are a flexible, convenient way to benefit from my expertise and experience. Expert coaching whenever you need it.


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