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Acting Coach Richard Delaney with Actor Joshua Griffin on a production of Fahrenheit 451

In-Person Coaching

Your Journey, Your Way: Embracing Your Uniqueness
Through Body, Mind and Imagination

So, you've decided to explore coaching? That's a great first step! There's always room to grow wherever you are on your journey. But now that you have decided, which is the right format for you? Why in-person coaching? And what options are available?

In-person coaching with Richard Delaney is where the magic of physical - and psychophysical - practice comes to life. A range of locations are offered to suit your needs: at Richard Delaney's home in South-East London, at your home, or at a Studio.

These sessions are open to all levels of experience and really serve to unleash your potential by examining your existing process and expanding your craft in a holistic way. These sessions can really open up possibilities and challenge you in ways that will have you making daring, dynamic and playful choices in no time. Choices that will get you noticed and ensure you are remembered. In-person sessions, especially at the studio, are a playground for exploring impulses. Craft and creativity intertwine, fostering a heightened awareness and consciously interrogating your artistic choices. Prepare rigorously for auditions by immersing yourself in your body and unleashing your potential.

For those with a vision for long-term growth, discounted block-booking packages provide a roadmap, allowing your craft to flourish over time.

Book your in-person session today to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Richard's in-person coaching empowers you to embrace your full potential physically, no matter your background or experience level. Unleash your creativity and elevate your craft with one of London's premier acting coaches.


Your artistic journey starts here.


Discounts are available for under 18s, low-waged individuals, the unemployed (including those in strike action), as well as Equity and Spotlight Members. For discounted rates, connect with Richard for a special code at


Free 20-Minute Online Consultation: Explore your journey with a no-obligation consultation, offered to all new clients. Richard delves into your aspirations and tailors a plan for your unique growth. Click on the link below to take you straight to the booking page, and book in for your free consultation today!


There are a series of schemes and offers to ensure your training remains affordable - in whichever way you choose to book.

Block booking discounts are available, as are loyalty points that can lead to discounted sessions.

Gift cards can also be purchased for those wishing to gift sessions.

On top of his skill, experience and acclaim as actor and theatre-maker,
Richard’s care, insight, and attention to detail with students is remarkable.


I’ve worked alongside him and have seen students
thrive and grow after sessions with him.

Jump at the chance to work with Richard!


Actor, Director & Teacher

(Hijack, The Son, The Talented Mr Ripley)

Acting Coach Richard Delaney Leading a Viewpoints Workshop
  • Where are the in-person coaching sessions conducted?
    Sessions can be held at Richard Delaney's home in South East London, your home, or a central London studio. Options are tailored to your convenience and preference. Each location and service has a tailored price and rate, so be careful which session you book. These sessions can be rigorous, and to enter the 'spirit' of the work, Richard always recommends working at a studio where possible. The price of Studio hire is included in the fee, and, usually, Theatre Deli is used for these sessions. Alternatives are possible, but they may be subject to surcharges. Enquire with Richard directly for further information ( If you choose to work at your home and have Richard travel to you, it is advisable to have some space that you can move around in freely and where you won't be disturbed.
  • How can I book a session at a studio?
    If you're happy for Richard to do the legwork for you, it couldn't be simpler: just select One-To-One Coaching at Studio, and Richard will take care of the rest and provide you with details of the location once confirmed. Usually, Richard uses Theatre Deli for coaching as it is easily reachable, accessible and cost-effective. It is close to Bank, Monument and Tower Hill Stations. If you would like to book a studio of your own, Richard can arrange a discount on the advertised rate of the studio sessions. Please contact him in advance of booking to discuss this option. If you wish to explore bookings at other studios, contact Richard for pricing details and availability.
  • Are there any discounts available for in-person coaching?
    Yes, under-18s, low-wage individuals, the unemployed (including those in strike action), and Equity and Spotlight Members are offered discounts. To obtain a discount code, email Richard at You can also save money by buying a package and committing to a block booking. These sessions can be purchased directly through the website and include a built-in 10% discount. Please note: for in-person studio coaching, the studio hire component of the fee is not subject to a discount. Many services, when booked, can earn you loyalty points, which can be redeemed against coaching. Be sure to join the site to keep up-to-date on discounts, offers and to take advantage of those loyalty points.
  • What's included in the free 20-minute online consultation?
    Our free online consultation offers a chance to discuss your goals, aspirations, and training needs. Richard will outline how in-person coaching can benefit you, with no obligation to commit. It's a great opportunity to get to know each other better, and this important stage forms the first step on your bespoke coaching journey to increase the rigour of your craft as an actor.
  • How do in-person sessions enhance dynamic choices and unearthing impulse?
    In-person sessions, especially at the studio, provide a playground for exploring impulses and unlocking dynamic choices. The physical space fosters heightened awareness, allowing for uninhibited exploration. The greater provision of space, allows us to explore more tools to shift the body and, consequently, your practice. Playing with tempo, for example, becomes infinitely easier in these spaces. There is also something helpful surrounding the 'ethos' of the work when we set up in a studio. Whilst the comforts of home can be reassuring (especially if you're new to this), nothing beats the gear change that occurs as we 'cross the threshold' to work (and play!), and this can always be seen in the practice.
  • Who can benefit from in-person coaching sessions?
    In-person sessions are suitable for everyone, from seasoned professionals to newcomers. Drama school applicants and those preparing for auditions will find these sessions particularly beneficial. They are particularly good for those performers who want to embrace holistic development in their practice. Acting is physical; what shifts us psychologically will move the body - and vice versa! Having the space to play ensures that the work doesn't just sit in a cerebral, academic setting.
  • How does in-person coaching support craft interrogation and exploration?
    In-person sessions offer the perfect environment to delve into your craft, consciously interrogating your artistic choices. This intensive exploration empowers you to deepen your craft and make bold choices. With the additional space and without the restriction of the Zoom screen, we can begin to explore a greater range of practices and approaches that can be matched and paired with your own preferences and learning style.
  • What are the long-term development options available?
    For those seeking long-term growth, discounted block-booking packages are available. These packages provide a structured path for continuous development, allowing your craft to evolve over time. They are perfect for those that are genuinely interested in shaping their process and taking their work to the next level.
  • How can I secure a spot for in-person coaching with Richard Delaney?
    Booking a session couldn't be easier! Head straight over to the online booking page, select the service you're interested in and book a time convenient to your schedule. Whether it's a session at his home, your home, or a Central London Studio, there's something for everyone and for every budget, allowing you to find a suitable time and location.
  • Can I leave a review after my coaching session?
    Yes, your feedback is greatly appreciated. You can leave a review on Google by visiting Your reviews help others discover the value of Richard's coaching.
  • What if I have specific questions about in-person coaching?
    If you have specific questions or need more information about our in-person coaching services, feel free to reach out to Richard at He's here to provide you with the answers you need to make an informed decision.


Your Journey, Your Way: Finding What Works For You

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