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Acting Coach Richard Delaney with Actor Joshua Griffin on a production of Fahrenheit 451

In-Person Coaching

Your Journey, Your Way: Embracing Your Uniqueness
Through Body, Mind and Imagination

So, you've decided to explore coaching? That's a great first step! There's always room to grow wherever you are on your journey. But now that you have decided, which is the right format for you? Why in-person coaching? And what options are available?

In-person coaching with Richard Delaney is where the magic of physical - and psychophysical - practice comes to life. A range of locations are offered to suit your needs: at Richard Delaney's home in South-East London, at your home, or at a Studio.

These sessions are open to all levels of experience and really serve to unleash your potential by examining your existing process and expanding your craft in a holistic way. These sessions can really open up possibilities and challenge you in ways that will have you making daring, dynamic and playful choices in no time. Choices that will get you noticed and ensure you are remembered. In-person sessions, especially at the studio, are a playground for exploring impulses. Craft and creativity intertwine, fostering a heightened awareness and consciously interrogating your artistic choices. Prepare rigorously for auditions by immersing yourself in your body and unleashing your potential.

For those with a vision for long-term growth, discounted block-booking packages provide a roadmap, allowing your craft to flourish over time.

Book your in-person session today to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Richard's in-person coaching empowers you to embrace your full potential physically, no matter your background or experience level. Unleash your creativity and elevate your craft with one of London's premier acting coaches.


Your artistic journey starts here.


Discounts are available for under 18s, low-waged individuals, the unemployed (including those in strike action), as well as Equity and Spotlight Members. For discounted rates, connect with Richard for a special code at


Free 20-Minute Online Consultation: Explore your journey with a no-obligation consultation, offered to all new clients. Richard delves into your aspirations and tailors a plan for your unique growth. Click on the link below to take you straight to the booking page, and book in for your free consultation today!


There are a series of schemes and offers to ensure your training remains affordable - in whichever way you choose to book.

Block booking discounts are available, as are loyalty points that can lead to discounted sessions.

Gift cards can also be purchased for those wishing to gift sessions.

On top of his skill, experience and acclaim as actor and theatre-maker,
Richard’s care, insight, and attention to detail with students is remarkable.


I’ve worked alongside him and have seen students
thrive and grow after sessions with him.

Jump at the chance to work with Richard!


Actor, Director & Teacher

(Hijack, The Son, The Talented Mr Ripley)

Acting Coach Richard Delaney Leading a Viewpoints Workshop


Your Journey, Your Way: Finding What Works For You

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