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Get Curious. Dig Deeper. Keep Exploring.

Whether you're an experienced professional, a recent graduate, or an aspiring artist, staying updated with industry trends and enhancing your skills is essential. Falling behind is not an option. However, finding the right starting point can be overwhelming in an ever-changing landscape filled with countless resources.

Here, at your premier destination for expert acting coaching, a team of industry-leading practitioners, performers, creators, and coaches have curated an invaluable list to simplify that journey.

With recommended top picks, acting books, and texts on voice, movement, devising and acting for camera, along with self-tape and home studio audio equipment, there's plenty to keep you on the right track. Stay tuned for our insightful blog posts that review the latest products and remember to subscribe to our mailing.

Top Picks...

The front cover image of the book Different Every Night (Mike Alfreds)

Mike Alfreds

Different Every Night: Freeing The Actor

A seminal text, and, arguably, your ultimate rehearsal guide. Elevate your craft with this comprehensive methodology, a director's and actor's treasure trove, brimming with practical wisdom to infuse life into the script, ensuring its vibrant resonance from rehearsal to the final bow!

Check it out!

The front cover image of the book The Viewpoints Book (Anne Bogart, Tina Landau)

Anne Bogart and Tina Landau

The Viewpoints Book: A Practical Guide To Viewpoints and Composition

Ignite your artistic expression with spontaneous mastery. Unveil the transformative technique born from Mary Overlie's postmodern technique, refined by Anne Bogart, and Tina Landau. Discover the language time, and space that shapes the stage. empowering artists and creators.

The front cover image of the book Through The Body (Dymphna Callery)

Dymphna Callery

Through The Body: A Practical Guide To Physical Theatre

Dive into the essence of 20th-century theatre luminaries like Artaud, Grotowski, Brook, and Lecoq, as Dymphna Callery's guide unveils their transformative principles. Immerse in practical exercises translating theories into dynamic practice, cultivating your craft.

Straightforward, engaging and accessible.

The front cover image of the book Impro (Keith Johnstone)

Keith Johnstone

Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre

Unlock the your boundless imagination. Johnstone's Groundbreaking 'Impro' reveals art of spontaneity. Delve into the techniques that ignite creative brilliance through 'Status,' 'Spontaneity,' 'Narrative Skills,' and 'Masks and Trance' – your guide to inspired performance.

The front cover image of the book Black Acting Methods (Sharrell D Luckett, Tia M Shaffer)

ed. Sharrell D. Luckett and Tia M. Shaffer

Black Acting Methods: Critical Approaches

Break free from Euro-American norms with revolutionary Afrocentric processes and aesthetics. Explore insights from acclaimed directors, scholars, and theatre luminaries. Uncover Black culture's vital role in theatre through illuminating interviews and transformative perspectives.

A much overdue contribution to the field.

The front cover image of the book True and False (David Mamet)

David Mamet

True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for The Actor

Pulitzer Prize winner Mamet reshapes acting norms in 'True and False.' Unveil brutally honest insights, from role assessment to auditions, playwright collaboration, and industry navigation. Break free from conventional wisdom and question what you take for granted within your craft. Mamet certainly doesn't hold back.

The front cover image of the book The Invisible Actor (Lorna Marshall and Yoshi Oida)

Yoshi Oida and Lorna Marshall

The Invisible Actor

Join this captivating journey as Oida unveils the secrets behind the actor's art, providing essential tools for mastering technique invisibly. Lorna Marshall's commentary adds depth, helping you grasp the brilliance of this singular artist. Dive into abundant insights to perfect your acting prowess – a must-have resource for actors.

Two exceptional practitioners. One brilliant book.

The front cover image of the book Playing The Mask - Acting Without The Bullshit (John Wright)

John Wright

Playing The Mask: Acting Without Bullshit

Award-winning theatre-maker John Wright delves into the transformative power of masks, demystifying their impact on acting. Embrace an innovative technique that turns training and rehearsal into exhilarating play. Packed with invaluable games and exercises, this book is a treasure trove!

The front cover image of the book Psychophysical Acting (Phillip B Zarrilli)

Phillip B Zarrilli

Psychophysical Acting

This comprehensive guide draws from over 30 years of experience, providing actors with practical and conceptual tools. Discover the evolution of psychophysical acting from Stanislavski to the present. Dive into sensory awareness through yoga and martial arts, unifying body and mind. Explore improvisation exercises enriched with training principles. Accompanied by an interactive DVD-ROM featuring exercises, interviews, and more.

The front cover image of the book Theatre Games (Clive Barker)

Clive Barker

Theatre Games

Elevate your craft effortlessly. Clive Barker's transformative handbook unveils a treasure trove of techniques for actors, directors, and practitioners, fostering authentic technique development. Explore this immersive journey endorsed by New York Theatre Review – a captivating blend of improvisation, insight, and astute craft.

Get playing!

The front cover image of the book Actions - The Actors Thesarus (Marina Calderone, Maggie Lloyd Williams)

Marina Calderone and Maggie Lloyd-Williams

Actions: The Actors'


Energise your performance with dynamic verbs, keeping your work specific, active and engaging. Unleash the power of action with this essential thesaurus of vibrant verbs, igniting performances that resonate. Craft authentic portrayals as verbs come alive on stage.

The front cover image of the book The Actor and The Target (Declan Donnellan)

Declan Donnellan

The Actor and The Target

Transformative acting insights from Cheek By Jowl's Declan Donnellan. Embark on a journey into the heart of acting with this celebrated guide, shattering fears to liberate your stage brilliance. Embrace artistic freedom with this incredibly straightforward and detailed book.

Still one of the absolute best.

The front cover image of the book The Moving Body (Jacques Lecoq)

Jacques Lecoq

The Moving Body: Teaching Creative Theatre

Dive into Lecoq's groundbreaking philosophy and teaching methods, a transformative force shaping global theatre for decades. This is an unparalleled voyage of body, space, and artistry. Absolutely essential reading for any theatre-maker and performer. 

Everything moves!

The front cover image of the book The Body Speaks (Lorna Marshall)

Lorna Marshall

The Body Speaks: Performance and Physical Expression

Revolutionize your stage presence as you master the language of the body, shedding inhibitions for dynamic expression. Harness the art of captivating your audience with this exceptional guide. Elevate your craft, amplify your impact, and embrace newfound clarity – an essential resource for aspiring and seasoned performers alike.

The front cover image of the book The Complete Stanislavski Toolkit (Bella Merlin)

Bella Merlin

The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit

Journey through Stanislavsky's famed 'system' and his rehearsal processes. Designed for actors, directors, teachers, and students, this practical guide compiles his revolutionary concepts. Delve into key terms explained with real-world examples. Elevate your craft with hands-on exercises, immersing in Stanislavsky's transformative tools

The front cover image of the book Michael Chekhov's Acting Technique (Sinéad Rushe)

Sinéad Rushe

Michael Chekhov's Acting Technique

Sinéad Rushe's comprehensive guide navigates every facet of this renowned method, offering  step-by-step practical exercises. From foundational principles to advanced scene work. This book draws from Chekhov's writings, unpublished material and interviews with actors.

One of my absolute go-to's!

The front cover image of the book Why Is That So Funny? (John Wright)

John Wright

Why Is That So Funny?

This is a unique exploration of the principles and practice of physical comedy and performance. It presents graduated sequences of over a hundred games and exercises devised to demonstrate and investigate the whole range of comic possibilities open to a performer. The result is an intensely practical and thoroughly stimulating investigation of how comedy works in physical terms.

Everyone should apply its contents repeatedly.

The front cover image of the book Body Voice Imagination (David Zinder)

David Zinder

Body Voice Imagination

Discover the power of Total Physical Awareness, the key to stealing the show and leaving a lasting impact. With a career dedicated to refining actors' stage presence, Zinder offers a unique set of exercises honing essential expressive tools – body, voice, and imagination. Explore the 'Logic of Training' from physical awareness to advanced imagery improvisations, aligned with the fundamentals of the Chekhov school of acting. 

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