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online coaching and audition preparation

Anytime. Anywhere.
Take Control of Your Career and Your Craft.

Online and Remote Coaching: Unleash Creativity Without Boundaries

Can't make it to the physical space? Embrace Richard's online and remote coaching sessions. You can connect with Richard from wherever you are, transcending geographical limitations. Discover the benefits of personalised guidance, tailored exercises, and insightful feedback—all from the comfort of your own space.

Richard works with artists and clients all over the globe, and online sessions make it possible to accommodate you wherever - and whenever - you are.

Whether you're an experienced professional aiming to perfect a self-tape audition or stepping into the world of training, our sessions are designed for you. Choose from 30-minute sessions, ideal for seasoned performers seeking focused refinement, or dive deeper with our 60-minute sessions, perfect for experienced professionals and newcomers eager to explore transformation in their craft. Our online sessions offer a comfortable start if you're new to coaching or wish to ease into the experience. And if drama school auditions are on your horizon, Richard suggests a mix of online and in-person sessions for comprehensive preparation. Our flexible options allow you to shape your training journey, no matter where you are in your career.

Ready to take your craft to the next level? Book your session now and embark on a path of self-discovery, creative expansion, and personal growth. With Richard Delaney's guidance, you're poised to embrace the best of both worlds, whether in-person or online, as you navigate the exciting terrain of artistic development.

Your journey starts here.


Discounts are available for under 18s, low-waged individuals, the unemployed (including those in strike action), as well as Equity and Spotlight Members. For discounted rates, connect with Richard for a special code at


Free 20-Minute Online Consultation: Explore your journey with a no-obligation consultation, offered to all new clients. Richard delves into your aspirations and tailors a plan for your unique growth. Click on the link below to take you straight to the booking page, and book in for your free consultation today!


There are a series of schemes and offers to ensure your training remains affordable - in whichever way you choose to book.

Block booking discounts are available, as are loyalty points that can lead to discounted sessions.

Gift cards can also be purchased for those wishing to gift sessions.

Richard is a very knowledgeable and experienced tutor. I always feel what he feeds back and suggests is reliable.


He’s very good at providing a safe and comfortable space for students to express their opinions. He’s such a brilliant listener.


He supported and challenged the way I approached my learning material, and, at the end, he helped me to improve a lot.


Don’t hesitate to chat with him and see what he can do to help you!


Actor, Dancer, Theatre-Maker

Headshot of Actor, Dancer and Theatre-Maker, Yik Sau Chung
Acting Coach Richard Delaney Leading a Viewpoints Workshop


Your Journey, Your Way: Finding What Works For You

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