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An Enquiring Mind Rooted in Learning, Liberation and Practice

Richard's research journey commenced at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama whilst studying for a MA in Actor Coaching and Training under the guidance of Dr Jessica Hartley (Course Leader) and Ian Morgan (now Course Leader of MA LAB at RADA). The course's emphasis was split between examining approaches to acting, pedagogical considerations and research.


During this time, Richard spent much of his time focussing on physical and play-based practices with a desire to liberate the actor in training. Much of his work and praxis were shaped by extended time spent with Catherine Alexander (Associate with Complicité) and John Wright (founder of Trestle Theatre Company and Told By An Idiot).

Whilst much of Richard's teaching practice is informed by The Michael Chekhov Technique and The Nine Viewpoints, his pedagogy (and research) is influenced by Queer Theory, Radical Pedagogy and Post-Structural Philosophy - particularly thinkers such as Jack Halberstam, Jacques Rancière, bell hooks, Eve Sedgwick, Paolo Freire and José Estaban Muñoz).

Richard's dissertation was entitled 'Licking The Walls: Using Playful Play To Liberate The Actor', advocating for a 'pedagogy of playfulness' for use in the conservatoire sector as a means of liberation. A copy of Richard's dissertation is retained in Central's library. His research continues, examining pedagogy specifically pertaining to the conservatoire sector, with the desire to liberate the learner. He is now focussing to a greater extent on queer joy, pleasure activism and radical care.

“If you want to be creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and invention that characterizes children before they are deformed by adult society.”
Jean Piaget

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